Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EXCEL 07 Report

Excel was amazing. As usually. The Speakers were great Monty Hip and Derek Levendusky made a follow up appearance from last year. Monty was the man and Derek had some awesome stories from his missions trips. The main speaker, Preston(a.k.a. Shriek) was really awesome but we didn't see as much as of the main speakers in the past. In past years the main speaker was up on stage everyday but this year the stage time was given to many other speakers. I'm not complaining but it was nice getting to know the one main speaker. All of the speakers were great especially Carrie Abbott, she came on stage and said that she was going to talk about sexuality. and the auditorium was stilled in an awkward silence. Nobody knew what was coming next and everyone was uncomfortable. But i think it is safe to say that see quickly had the attention and gratitude. She made us laugh, cheer and look at our selves for who we are, men and women of God. At the end of her first sermon she received a standing ovation for the crowd. The worship band was Fusebox for this year and they were amazing, the lead singers vocals were outstanding. Jake Tyler, the storyteller, was great as always. It was another great year at Excel. Breakfast and lunch at Compton's and free time spent making new friends and building upon old friendships. A friendship in my life was strongly strengthened and revived. I can say with complete confidence that Excel is and awesome tool for Christians to come and fellowship, grow from each other, grow with each other, and meet God and receive refreshment and revival.

P.S.~ Monty is the man

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Heartbreak for Newsboys Fans

As some of you may known the Newsboys have been the foundation for Christian rock as we know it. And sadly we have recently learned that Phil Joel has steped out of the spotlight to spend more time with his family and his projects. But it is sad that we have lost are beloved bass player and saprano. As i write this and listen to "Entertaining Angels" in the background I find it hard to fight back the tears and the feeling of greif. The Newsboys was the first band I got into when I became a Christian, and they served as kind of a gateway band, after the Newsboys I was hooked. I don't know about you but when I hear "Newsboys" Peter Furler and Phil Joel pop into my mind and now we are down a man. One thing is for sure it will be hard to replace Phil Joel.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Excel Is Almost Here

Some of you may know that Excel is around the corner (like this Sat. around the corner) and I am pumped as always. Yes, it's true I've only gone once before but that one time was enough to keep me coming back for more. For those of you who don't know Excel is a teen conference held in up state New York every year, and is run by Youth for Christ a great organization whose main ministry is reaching out to the youth and primarily inter city youth. But last year was a blast we didn't stay in the hotel where it was held but instead one down the street and we had to walk the distance in the cold and sometimes the dark. But that was one of the best parts. At Excel their are really three main parts. Part one you have your "General Sessions" were over 2000 teens gather to worship and hear about God. Part two there are the "Seminars" and a lot of them and you get to pick from a wide range to fit your interest. And last but not least "Free time" witch is just what it sounds like free-time during these breaks in the schedule you can due whatever you want (and what’s legal) from swimming to pillow wars to shopping around to my favorite sleeping. And last year they had a Rebecca Saint James concert witch was pretty rockin' but I don't know if they are having any big name artist this year and if not that’s okay.
Because there is so much to do and so much God to enjoy that it keeps bringing you back for revival and refreshment to face the harsh world that can get pretty rough sometimes. So Lord willing I will post about this year early next week when I get back.

P.S. Pray for patience for me because I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Morning is Coming

This all took place during a time when I and those close to me were going through a tough time.
I was driving home on the highway, sitting in the back seat looking out the window. And I realized that I was surrounded by darkness on all sides. I squinted trying to see more than three feet into the distance but to no avail. All I could see was darkness and the blurred images, of what I could only assume were trees, speeding past me and into the darkness behind me. And I wondered if there was any light to be found in this world of night. Than I looked up.
The sky of course the sky, a sea of stars shepherded by that celestial body we call the moon. Surely there would be a sea of lights to guide us through the night. It just so happened there was not, instead there was an over cast of dark clouds. And I smiled, because despite the clouds trying to block the light from the heavens they could not. The light shone through the cloud illuminating the whole sky in a comforting crimson glow. And I realized that even on the darkest of nights when all that surrounds you is dark, and the sky shows you no stars, it's always brighter when you take you eyes off the horizon and lift them to the heavens. And eventually the clouds part and the stars and moon shine like silver, and not far after that the sun rises and emits it's warm, comforting golden rays that wrap you in the embrace of God.
So even when you find yourself in the darkest night of your life remember that morning is coming.

Friday, January 5, 2007

In The Beginning...

This blog is not committed to gossip, or the daily ridicule of celebrities. But is instead a place for me and you to share are daily experiences walking with Christ, our Daily Bread. Post what you will from inspiring stories of faith to prayer request. I will be posting both along with insights into the Scripture and Christian living, but always keep in mind not to take my word as final for as Christians we know that the final word comes from the Lord. So some things I say might be wrong and I am willing to learn from any who have corrections or further insights. I'll post about events, such as concerts and conferences I attend and rave about the awesome time I had there.
In the begining there was Daily Bread... and it was good(hopefully).

P.S. This blog is the product of a class project and thus I am required to link to my other classmates, some of witch have blogs that don't relate or even go against this blog.